Burger ingredients


John’s/Empire/4€: All of our meat for the John’s, Empire, and 4€ burgers is sourced hyper-locally in and around the village of Holtsee in the county of Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde by Fleischerei Neidhardt. These burgers are made from a mix of beef and pork and are cut and ground daily in house. Our burger meat is never frozen ensuring maximum juiciness.

Huettener: The meat used in our Huettener Burgers is 100% Angus beef delivered directly to us by Jakob Gosch of the family Gosch in Holzbunge in the county of Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde. The Huettener Burger is always sourced from a single cow, which was grass fed and finished on the rolling hills of the BioHof Holzbunge. Our Huettener Burgers are cut, ground, and prepared fresh daily.


Much of our cheese is a mild white cheddar which comes directly from the Holtsee Kaeserei and is sliced in house.


A good burger bun, should be soft and strong. It should complement the burger, not overwhelm it. After testing many of the buns in Kiel, we came across the perfect bun, developed by Kai Lyck of the Baeckerei Lyck. Our buns are baked fresh daily in the Kiel neighborhood of Elmschenhagen.


All of the eggs used as a topping for our burger are produced by free range chickens at the Huhnerhof Krey in the village of Bredenbek in the county of Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde.


The bacon used as a topping for our burgers and in our BLT and bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches is always cured and smoked in house. We receive full pork bellies from Fleischerei Neidhardt and cure them in house with curing salts and maple syrup for ten days before smoking for three hours.